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Plumbing Equipment

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Ridgid® SuperFreeze™ Pipe Freezing Tools - PIPE FREEZE UNIT - 632-68967 - Ridge Tool Company

PIPE FREEZE UNITRidgid® SuperFreeze™ Pipe Freezing Tools -The SuperFreeze™ pipe freezers are easy-to..


Ridgid® SeeSnake® Compact2 Camera Systems - SeeSnake Compact2 Camera System, 100 ft Line - 632-48113 - Ridge Tool Company

SeeSnake Compact2 Camera System, 100 ft LineRidgid® SeeSnake® Compact2 Camera Systems -Big performan..


Ridgid® SeeSnake Max rM200 Reel - SEESNAKEMAXRM200CAMERASYSTEM - 632-42348 - Ridge Tool Company

SEESNAKEMAXRM200CAMERASYSTEMRidgid® SeeSnake Max rM200 Reel -The rM200 camera system combines portab..


Ridgid® CS-10 Monitors - CS-10 Monitors, 640 x 480, LCD Monitor - 632-39328 - Ridge Tool Company

CS-10 Monitors, 640 x 480, LCD MonitorRidgid® CS-10 Monitors -One touch recording allows you to reco..


Ridgid® SeeSnake® DVDpak Monitors - SeeSnake DVDpak Monitors, LCD - 632-33198 - Ridge Tool Company

SeeSnake DVDpak Monitors, LCDRidgid® SeeSnake® DVDpak Monitors -A new line of monitors use the RIDGI..


Ridgid® SeekTech SR-60 Utility Locators - RECEIVER SR-60 UTILITY LOC - 632-22163 - Ridge Tool Company

RECEIVER SR-60 UTILITY LOCRidgid® SeekTech SR-60 Utility Locators -Can trace any frequency for 10Hz ..


Ridgid® SeekTech ST-305 Line Transmitter - SeekTech ST-305 Transmitter - 632-21898 - Ridge Tool Company

SeekTech ST-305 TransmitterRidgid® SeekTech ST-305 Line Transmitter -Lightweight and compact transmi..


Ridgid® SeekTech SR-20 Utility Locators - RECEIVER SR-20 UTILITY LOCATOR - 632-21893 - Ridge Tool Company

RECEIVER SR-20 UTILITY LOCATORRidgid® SeekTech SR-20 Utility Locators -A lightweight yet rugged rece..